May 13, 2022

Leo Fitzpatrick is a New York City based actor and gallery owner who starred in the seminal 1995 movie KIDS about the downtown skate scene.

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Leo Fitzpatrick is a New York City based actor and gallery owner. in 1995 he starred in the movie KIDS with an ensemble cast of first-time actors from the downtown skate scene. The explicit sex and drug use in the film was over the top, but it felt eerily verite and disturbing. The fallout from his role in the movie was harsh. Since then, he’s appeared in many TV and film roles, but lately he’s been focusing his energy on his passion for fine art. During the height of the pandemic, he opened Public Access Gallery on the Lower East Side. His intention was to create an art space that could foster the sense of community reminiscent of the extended family of skaters that he found as a teenager. This week on The Plug, we sit down to discuss the impact that KIDS had on him, and learn why you should never be intimidated to walk into high-end gallery. Tune in to this special episode for some bonafide 90’s New York tales.

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