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Authentic and Intriguing Guests

Jay’s second season of The Plug Podcast is an entertaining and relevant look into the lives of authentic and intriguing guests. The Plug Podcast invites you to “sit down, listen and dig a little deeper” with Jay as he navigates through unique stories, journeys and experiences relevant to each guest. Conversation comes easy in this podcast and it’s always a great listen!

It Just Keeps Getting Better & It Was Always Good

The latest episode of The Plug featuring Mick Fanning was awesome. A deep dive into the emotional landscape of a top notch pro athlete. He openly shares his victories, mistakes and the massive about of learning. For fans of surfers or fans of life, a captivating interview with a kind, thoughtful athlete.

You will like this podcast

If you are a fan of something or way into a hobby or sport, chances are Justin will be interviewing someone you admire on this podcast or introducing you to intersting people you haven't yet become an admirer of. Love the conversational interviews, but make no mistake, Justin demonstrates a deep understanding of his guests and their backgrounds and structures these discussions masterfully.

The Plug: a superbly awesome podcast

It’s only a few episodes in, but The Plug is easily my favorite podcast of 2020 and quite possibly my favorite podcast ever. The format is deceptively simple: Justin interviews interesting people from the worlds of the arts and sports. Justin’s easy going style makes the listener feel like they’re listening in on a casual conversation between friends. But Justin’s incisive questioning breezes past the obvious and gets at deeper more thoughtful issues like inspiration, life lessons and second acts. It’s really, really good. This is what podcasts were invented for. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.

Defining “Keeping it Real”

Justin Jay has an uncanny ability to get his guests guard down in a way that allows them to reveal their passions, fears and things in general that everyday people can relate to. Look out Joe Rogan!

Great show!

Feels like you’re a fly on the wall for conversations between some of the coolest and most interesting folks.

Hooked on the plug

Love the flow and depth of the conversation. Awesome insights and so good to listen to two friends chat story. Looking forward to more! 🤙🏽

Excellent Conversation

Enjoyed your chat with Chris Shiflett! TY!